our story

We developed our analytical approach and technology working for retail, web and wholesale industry clients handling large volumes of transactional data. We are fanatical about measuring everything; basic analytics, halo analysis, basket analysis, Nanocran’s service comes at retail and wholesale questions from so many different angles – kind, size, shape, cost-to-shelve, cost-to-store, pricing, demand – every nuance.

Then we apply our insight derived from our entire database of information. Our billions and billions of datapoints go to work for you to come up with the most efficient prices, marketplaces, logistics,etc. - uniquely for each item in your organization. Our scale is huge - and growing. For instance, just for unique price determination we currently handle more than 378 million unique price tests a day --- and growing.

our philosophy

We put our money where our mouth is.

We make this very simple. Clients can end their relationship with us at almost any time they want, for whatever reason they have.

Yet it is generally relatively inexpensive to start using our service. So when we start working with a new client, we invest quite a bit of our own capital and time - so much of the initial risk is ours. Therefore, our success is dependent on our ability to prove our worth to our clients every single day.